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Suspicious guy decide to check his girlfriend. They are leaving together for few month, but he still not sure if she is the right person for him and is he could really trust her. May be even marry her?

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Horny couple of employees had a date in a conference room when other office workers already left their working places. This is the way they wanted to end this hard working day together while their beloved were awaiting them at home.

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When her boyfriend was out of town she was already in her lover’s truck and spending her evening not at alone home as she told her man. Slutty girlfriend had something else on her mind than watching TV at home.

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May be it was not very nice to place all these spy cams in his house but she wanted to be sure that he is dating right girl and that he can really trust her. Actually he was not planing to see this action which was caught on his cameras.

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Hired guy need some time to follow this slut and investigate her ass. Chick was running around with a another guy while her boyfriend was not in the town. Finally they settled down in a cheap motel to spend few hours together.

This spy video made by professional investigator and now this cheating girlfriend is completely busted. Her guy knows much more about her that she would like to and this exposed video is his revenge.

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Cheating girlfriend is caught fucking with another man on a hidden camera. Her guy was planning to marry this bitch, but he was not sure is he could trust her. It was his chance to check if his girlfriend is the right person for him.

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